About Us

About Us


Thank you for joining www.skillfulglobal.com. Its FREE to join, and you must register to be able to use our features, and be able to purchase products and Services with another user. Kindly read our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and relevant policies before you register. The moment you register it means that you agree with our Terms and Conditions. 


Skillful Global (Skillful”) is a freelancing platform operated and managed by Infinite Creation Ltd (UK). Infinite Creation Ltd and/or Skillful are not a party to any contract that will arise between the platform Users (the Clients and the Freelancers). Users  can be an individual or a company who can also be either the Client or the Freelancer,  as defined in our Terms and Conditions. 


All users can freely use the features such as chat messaging; share files including documents, photos and videos in different file formats; and can make a video call. A limit of 20MB file size is allowed to be shared using the platform and due to a limited file size that can be shared, you may use third-party links. We encourage you to use only the platform when communicating to other users and we highly discourage you to transact or make any payments outside the platform for your own safety and security. Please read our Terms & Conditions.  


Skillful Global is a freelancing platform that allows users to buy and sell a wide variety of their products and services such as lessons, trainings, physical products and other services that are deliverable though the platform or third-party use. The Users may offer their products and services under our Expertise category. You may offer tutorial lessons (can be person to person lesson using the platform or prepared lessons that can be sent through a 3rd-party link), language lessons and any other product and services that can be deliverable using the platform like accounting services, logo designs, book designs, write ups, technical drawings etc.  


Our current expertise include but are not limited to Languages; School Tutoring (Maths, History, Science, and English); Creative Designs; Writing; Digital Media; Business and Administration; Marketing & Sales; Advertising; Music; IT, Software & Computing; Accounting & Finance; Consulting; Transcription & Translation; Judiciary & Legal; Mobile & Web Development; Health; Beauty & Personality Development; Arts & Crafts; Photography; Medical & First Aid; Technical Drawing; Research & Development; Voice Talents; and Illustrations.


If you think youre expertise is not yet included in the list and believe that you can deliver your products and services through our website and agree to our Terms and Conditions kindly contact us at hellosupport@skillfulglobal.com so we can facilitate you to be part of our growing platform.  


How It Works? 


For the Clients


1.  Search for a professional service suitable for your needs from our Expertise Category. 

2.     Compare the products and services from different freelancers. 

3.     Contact our expert freelancer. 

4.     Specify your requirements like the scope of work, price and time for completion.

5.     Once agreed, pay the package being offered by the Freelancer. 

6.     Leave a feedback



For the Freelancers


1.  Create your proposal under Starter Package, Intermediary Package, and Advanced Package. For Customised projects and pricing under the Tailored Package.

2.     Submit your proposal(s). You must clearly indicate the number of hours, revisions and how long the products or services will be completed by using the Skillful contract packages.

3.     Get orders globally.

4.     Deliver the best quality work on time

5.     Leave a Feedback to your customer

6.     Get paid from your delivered work.


You may also refer to our useful links on how to become a top notch freelancer, how to hire an expert freelancer, and other feature articles that you may find interesting and useful in growing your own freelancing business whilst using our platform. 


For any inquiries and concerns kindly send them to hellosupport@skillfulglobal.com.


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