Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What Can I buy and sell?

Ans: You can buy or sell your lessons, trainings, physical products and other  servicesthat are deliverable via couriers or the website,these may include your drawings, paintings, finished design, prepared lessons and/or your services like offering tutorial lessons in Languages, provide a logo design, book cover design, technical drawings, accounting, etc. SkillfulGlobal is a freelancing platform where people across the globe meet to buy and sell their products and services. Our platform encourages you to work from home where the Products and Services you offer are deliverable using the platform or  third party links. For physical products, extra shipping cost will apply, as long it’s agreed between the Client and Freelancer. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


2.    What does it cost me?

Ans: Registration is FREE, whether you are an individual or company who is looking for a Client or a Freelancer looking for work. You need to register to be able to use the Website’s features,Services, do the payment and transact with another user to pay for their Services.


3.    How much should I charge?

Ans: If you are the freelancers or sellers, you may offer your Services under the four contract packages: starter package which means any products or services that has a minimum price of £3 to £50; intermediary package this falls under any products and services that are not above £150; Advanced package are those Services that are not more than £300; and the Tailored package any products and services that are £300 and above.


4.    How do I get paid ?

Ans: The platform will Only collect minimalfees and charges when there is an agreed and paid package betweenthe client and the freelancer.  For paid packages under Starter, Intermediary and Advanced, the platform will automatically charge the Client an additional 15% of the Total Contract Price (TCP) as an administrative fee. For the Tailored Package a reduced additional charge of 10% will apply.The freelancers will then receive the TCP as a gross payment, the platform will then deduct a 15% commission fee  for the packages under the starter, intermediary and advanced, leaving an 85% gross income. While for the Tailored package, we will deduct a 10% commission therefore leaving a 90% income of the TCP.


5.    How do you protect my work?

Ans: We implement an Intellectual Property Rights Policy. If there are violations, concerns or complaints, you may contact us.  If you are an employee who is selling your original products and services, you are acknowledging that you are transferring your intellectual property rights to the buyer or your Client. However, the platform may offer to facilitate theexecution of an Assignment of Intellectual Property agreement between the contracting parties (client and freelancer) for a minimal amount of £17. Should you need this agreement, kindly send a request to us at hellosupport@skillfulglobal.com. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


6.    What hours can I work?

Ans: Skillful Global is a freelancing platform which is accessible  for users around the world. We don’t control the hours of work and days of yourwork. It’s up to the freelancers what times and days they work. However, the time frame that they will be able to finish or complete the agreed contract must be clear and stated in the packages they will offer. We advise the Client to verify the completion dates and the scope of the contract before paying the Freelancer.


7.    Can I work only in my country?

Ans: The platform is accessible around the world. You may be working physically in your own country however, you may get clients that are not from your local area or country. Skillfull Global islinking skilled and professional people around the world, hopefully through this platform we can lessen unemployment and encourage people to use the platform to work as part time or full time to suit their needs and in accordance with our terms and conditions and other policies. Please read our Terms and Policies, and Privacy Policy.


8.    How will my work be promoted?

Ans: We implement a feedback and badge system this is where the client will be able to leave feedback to the freelancer and vice versa. Each feedback will provide a badge for the quality of products and services being provided. This also promotes the credibility of the clients and freelancers. We also have SEO internal system that you only need to pay a fixed rate of £1 per day to boost your visibility.


9.    Who can buy my work ?

Ans: Anyone who is an individual, a student or a company who will be needing the product or services being offered by you. This is not limited to the country of residence, your potential buyer or client can be anyone from different parts of the globe.


10. Can I change or upgrade my package in the middle of the work?

Ans: No. We recommend to finish and accomplish the agreed contract. We discourage youfrom changing the scope and pricing of work as agreed between yourself and the freelancer in the middle of the work, and our system will not allow this. However, we recommend that you have a thorough discussion about the specific scope of work, what type of product or services are being offered and the days of completion before package payment is made. If there are scope changes whilst in a paid contract package, an additional or new contract would be required to fulfil this.


11. Can I cancel the package and get a refund?

Ans: Yes. You may cancel the package at anytime and get a refund. Please bear in mind that our platform applies minimal fees and charges for an agreed and paid package, and these fees are not refundable. Please see our Terms and Conditions. (hyperlink)


12. Will I get banned right away should I violate the terms or if there are complaints raised against me?

Ans: We will investigate any concerns, violations and complaints that will be raised to us by another user. We will be just and fair in our investigations and to the parties involved. If the violation is so grave including but not limited to illegaluse of our Website to offer pornography, register a minor, and illegal monetary/financial trading’s, etc., We will act on it immediately by removing the account, banning the said user and report to the appropriate local authority. We will certainly not tolerate such acts.  Please understand that we provided our Terms and policies to be strictly adhered to. 

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