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How to Become a Top-NotchFreelancer?



Skillful Global is a freelancing websitefor talented and skilled professionals from around the world. This platform is ideal for those freelancers who wish to work part time or full time and earn decent income in the comfort of their home.Although, it’s quite challenging for newbies to be part of this global platform, here are some proven useful top tips for beginners and professionals on how to become a top-notch freelancer.


1.      Honesty is always the best policy

Trust is everything! Provide the complete details of the products or services you are offering. Be honest with what you can and are able to do. When you introduce yourself, it’s fine to be proud, tell the world what are the skills and talents you have.  Show them some proof of your previous work. Be proud! However, don’t accept any contract that you are unsure that you can deliver. Talk to your client and discuss fully the scope of work, and be certain that you understand what they require, before accepting a job. Be honest and do not accept work you cannot do. Always be polite if you are rejecting work, you would ratherthat than you get bad feedback from andissatisfied client who might accuse you of being misleading, or of time wasting. You must also be clear about the price of each package that you will post and their corresponding delivery time.


2.      Time is of the essence

Make sure you are able to deliver the products or services that the client paid for. If you think you cannot finish or are unable to deliver the services, make your client aware or give them a heads up that you need more time. Always try to deliver what you promised or the package that the client paid for.


3.      Use a short presentation video

The platform is capable of uploading video, it’s your chance to upload a short video clip to show some of your work to grab the attention of the potential clients. You may also create a short video about yourself and the skills or work that you can do for any specific job you have posted. Be friendly, but keep it professional! 


4.      Provide an attractive and professional profile

You have to remember that Skillful Global caters for thousands of freelancers world-wide, so your main goal is to grab the attention of potential clients. Provide clear and true information about yourself and the work you are posting. If possible, provide a clear copy of the documents and video you’ll upload to your profile. If you’ll use a picture, make sure it’s clear and updated.

5.      Collect more positive feedback

Being top-notch means you are likely to have more positive feedback and likely to be having the gold and platinum badges from our platform. Keep collecting  positive feedback by always keeping yourself on top of your game! Make sure that you are always easy to deal with, professional, courteous, able to deliver the contract to the right standard and on time.


6.      Communication is the key

You must be able to express yourself clearly, if you are not sure about the clients requirements, you ask or verify. Don’t be shy! Communication is the key. Make your presentation, the job description and timeline clear and achievable. If the Clients are not satisfied, you may want to discuss with them and offer alternative ways that  you can rectify the work, and leave them happy.


7.      Be smart with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These are organic results based on the words or terms you use so the Clients can find you. Be smart and use words that will help you get noticed. Make sure you provide the correct words for the type of work you do. Indicating the right word or terminology when writing your product or work description, timeline and price brackets on our 4 contract packages—the Starter, Intermediary, Advanced and Tailored would definitely get the attention of the prospect or potential Clients.


8.      Be the inspiration

Access our FAQs, Blogs and get involved in our Blogs. Perhaps share your blogs to us. If you want us to publish your story or any story that would be helpful to our fellow freelancers, we will be more than happy to do so. Be inspired and be the inspiration to others!




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