Why Join Us

Why Join Skillful Global?


Are you tired of being rejected? Lost your job recently due to the pandemic or for whatever reasons??? No one is noticing your skills or talents??? Worry no more! We are your solution! Skillful Global is a world-wide freelancing platform comprising of highly skilledprofessionals. This recent pandemic has taught new ways of doing business, and our working patterns have changed over the last few months of lockdown. We do hear you, that’s why our platform is created for you!


Why join us?


1.      Free

Joining us is FREE. You can use our platform to promote your skills and contract jobs. Our Clients are from SME to Big companies who may need your service.


2.      You meet people

You don’t only meet potential buyers to increase your income, but you also meet people that will help you grow with us on our mutual journey. You have the chance to meet and engage with new people from different parts of the world. You will definitely increase your connections!


3.      You are the boss.

As a freelancer, you run your own business. Yes, with us, you are your own boss!Skillful Global will not intervene on how you run your business or the products and services you offer. You have control of the pricing, delivery time and particular products and services you may offer that are deliverable through our platform or via a third-party link.


4.      We help you grow

We are here to facilitate you meeting potential Clients. We can also help by providing you with additional items such as intellectual property rights transfer, a legally binding document between you and your Client. If arbitration arises, Skillful will also help facilitate and refer you to our Arbitration partners. 


5.      Saves you more money!

When you join us, you don’t need extra money to run your own website, pay for data servers, advertise your website, and spent too much for the cost of search engine optimisation (SEO).  At Skillful Global, we’ve got you covered. If you’re new and receiving good feedback for your work, we will automatically promote you. We believe in a win-win platform, so  you help us grow, and we help you grow. And definitely we promote you on a global level!


6.      Comfortable place to work

You can work anywhere you want. As long as you have a reliable WIFI or internet connection and reliable computer or laptop, you can work at any place. Such as in the comfort of your home, your favourite coffee shop, the library, school etc.  Joining us and working on our platform free’s you to do the things you are passionate about wherever you are and whenever you are.


7.      You can offer a wide variety of products and services

Skillful Global is a freelancing platform that let you buy and sell tutorial lessons, trainings, physical products and offers all sorts of services from different field of expertise such Accounting, Engineering, Graphic Designs etc.  

                                                                                                By: Ava Elizabeth Ducommun

contributor writer

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